For years, I lived on the internet from one media to another, from free portfolios to freelance graphics and online marketing websites to have as much first-hand experience of what’s out there. Yet I’d like to say that this doesn’t stop me from being youthful and enjoying life to its fullest.

It was when I visited home on a summer time after college graduation when I started looking up freelance online work since there was nothing much to do staying with my parents. And then my father had stroke and I knew from then I need to make a choice and I chose to stay home and continue what I was doing. I was on Mycroburst.com, Freelancer.com to Fiverr.com and PPH.com simultaneously.  I remember the first task awarded to me was only worth $80 for my Christmas postcard designs. Since then I lived through my earnings online. I’ve known different businessmen and company owners and of course other graphics designers and virtual assistants from different parts of the world that became co-workers both part-time and full-time work which made the process more interesting to me.

This leads me to a goal. A personal website to share all my experiences and all that I’ve learned and learning particularly on the internet and with regards to online freelance work, graphic tutorials and resources and reviews. And as the tagline says, ‘A little bit of everything’, I would want to share my personal views on things of my interest like photography, food, travelling and my thoughts about life in general.